10 Ways How Video Marketing can grow your online Business

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Video marketing is the key to success in 2021. Almost every other brand in the world is trying to use video marketing techniques to get a better ROI and reach out to the maximum audience. With time, videos have become the most important resource that can help a brand to outreach and campaign in their industry effectively.

Even though some will say that video production is costly and needs a lot of effort, the ROI is possibly the highest when we are talking about videos. Our brain is 90% more effective when it watches visuals over simple texts. So, if you plan to grow your online business, then here are 10 ways video marketing can help.

1. Video Engages Buyers - 

Videos can help engage buyers in the market because it is a wonderful tool for learning. People tend to ignore long descriptions and text messages that require a lot of time. Instead, people have shifted their focus to videos. User engagement is one of the crucial factors in any video marketing strategy.

Videos can help you to keep the audience engaged and interested in your content for longer periods. So, as a result, more people end up being your buyers. This directly leads to more sales and revenue too.

2. Boosts Conversions and Sales - 

As we just mentioned above, video marketing is very effective for sales and conversions. Video marketing can help you to mint more money and expand your business. When you are using video marketing regularly, the rate of conversions is increased by 80%. The majority of the people admitted that their purchase decisions were influenced when they watched a video regarding the product.

This is simply because video can create a lot of value for your products or services in front of them. Therefore, video marketing can help you directly boost your sales and purchase rates.

3. Video Builds Trust - 

Trust is one of the crucial factors that can impact your conversions and business sales forever. You'll see that all the top brands in the world do well because they have a loyal customer base who trust the brand leaps and bounds.

You will be surprised to know that the entire concept of marketing is somewhat based on trust and creating better relationships. Videos can easily engage and lead to the development of emotions among the audience.

As a result, people trust you and feel more confident to shop from your brand. Using a good online video editor can help you create fantastic marketing videos that will attract more customers in the longer run.

4. Google Loves Videos - 

It is often seen that the top search results on Google usually have a video embedded in them. Videos easily increase the amount of time that a person spends on a particular website. Your website has 53 times more chance to show up in the top tier results on Google if you include a video.

If the videos are optimized according to SEO, they will attract organic online traffic. As the traffic increases and there is a spike in your view time, Google will upgrade your rank. You will quickly climb up the ladder of Google.

5. Appeals to Mobile Users - 

If your business website is not mobile-friendly, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity in any of the industries that exist in 2021. 90% of consumers around the world now watch videos on their mobile phones.

As the number of mobile users is growing rapidly every year, the mobile viewers count increases simultaneously. People find it easier and more convenient to watch videos on their mobile devices. That is why your business website should appeal to this particular audience and help them to experience a more advanced and efficient service.

6. Explain any product - 

Video marketing can help you explain your product or service more conveniently. Most people have agreed that they have brought any product only after watching a video on it. Explainer videos have become very popular these days, and they can easily influence the mind of the viewers.

If your audience is well aware of what your products are capable of, they're more satisfied. Just make sure that the video has all the necessary details that are there in the products.

7. Increased Traffic - 

Increased web traffic is excellent news for your website because it helps to grow your audience organically. Search in the website traffic tells you that more people are now interested in your brand, and that is why they are paying regular visits to the website. Video marketing can easily contribute to a huge increase in website traffic that is going to help you in the coming days of your business.

8. Videos Are Shareable - 

Videos are not only the most likable medium of content out there, but they are definitely shareable. That means the people are more interested in sharing any of your videos in their community if the idea or results seem to be interesting enough. When a person shares your content with their community members, your content gets a huge boost outside of your circle. This translates to better sales, revenue, and ROI.

9. Boost Email Marketing - 

Videos not only help you to generate more traffic and leads for your business via one source, but it boosts other sources as well. Email marketing is surely one of them.

When you use the word "video" in your emails, you'll be surprised to know that the open rates increase by 19%. The overall click-through rates see a massive 65% improvement. Just embed the video in the email, and this will seriously help you to revive your marketing efforts in the near future.

10. Build a Strong Connection - 

a strong and positive connection with the audience is one of the best ways to expand your business. Your brand can only grow when it has enough people to sell the products and services to. That is why you have to build a strong connection with them. Videos are the key to success in building it.


So, these are the top ten ways in which we believe video marketing can help to grow your online business in 2021. Do read the points!

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