Our Story


Our Belief

At Techofide, we believe E-learning is the better way to make and polish your skills. The Self-learning path with technical support makes things easy to learn. We think every person should know about technology as it is the future. We want Cybersecuirty to be available for everyone so you can learn and begin your career in this vast growing field. Learn Cybersecuirty with us and build your own experiences in this field.

Problems We Found

After a big survey, we got to know the problems of distance learning. We found that every person who learns from the internet, always need technical support to fix their doubts. Learning is meaningless if you don't implement it & share it. You can find various content to learn Cybersecurity on internet, where some of which provide you courses, some will resourses, and other will labs. The worst things for newcomers is that everything is in disorderd form on internet. No one knows where to start.

Solution We Build

At techofide our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent individuals from making their own career or future.

We do not only provide you with a learning opportunity, but we also offer you to ask your queries related to Cybersecurity to be answered through our own experiences. The uttermost thing is that all of the whole content of Cybersecurity will be available on one platform, Techofide

It is true that knowledge is power and sharing knowledge increases power

It's true Cybersecurity has no start and no end but we can help you to provide valuable insights that we leared from our experience in Cybersecurity.

Our Unique Methodology
  • Well Designed Latest Cybersecurity Content
  • Scenario Based Practical Learning
  • Community For Quick Queries
  • 365 Days Email Support


Our Professionals

Abhishek Sharma


 On a mission for providing a shareable knowledge platform with implementations for all technological domains


Kanav Malhotra


Learning never halt, but we can improve our learning experience by finding problems and building their solutions


Gurpreet Singh

Sr. Graphic Designer

Digital drawing is like canvas, except the paint never dries