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AutoML or Automated Machine Learning is a process of applying Machine Learning to real-world problems using Automation. Even the people who don't have any understanding of Machine Learning also use Automated Machine Learning with ease. AutoML provides the facility to automate the process of selection, composition, and parameterization of a Machine Learning Model.

AutoML makes the machine learning process more user-friendly and provides faster solutions to the problems when compared with the basic hand-coded algorithms. Automated Machine Learning is an Artificial Intelligence based solution to the ever-growing needs of Machine Learners. Even the intricated problems can be solved with mastery in the minimum time.

In this blog, you will have all the basic information about AutoML. You will study what is AutoML, How does it Works, What are the advantages and disadvantages of Using AutoML, what are the products that are used, and some more information. Keep reading till the end and grab all the information.

How Automated ML works?

AutoML works in a similar way as a data scientist approaches a problem. Fundamentally, autoML is programmed interaction of model calculation determination, hyper boundary tuning, iterative displaying, and model evaluation." It isn't computerized information science, nor mechanized advancement of man-made reasoning. It is, nonetheless, "changing model structure".

Have a look at the current methodology of choosing an Algorithm for the Machine Learning process: Currently choosing the best calculations and hyper-boundaries for calculation requires bunches of comprehension about information for these calculations shifts for various sorts of informational indexes, that implies every individual issue articulation information researcher needs to comprehend the information, play around various models and comparing hyper-boundaries.

How Automated ML works?

This work requires part of the time and extraordinary ability. The motivation behind AutoML isn't to supplant to Data researcher rather a reason for AutoML is to liberate information researchers from the weight of dreary and tedious tasks(model determination and boundaries tuning, likewise constructing instinct about informational indexes). Then, at that point, AutoML can be summed up to assist pick with excursion the best profound neural organization engineering and hyper-boundary tuning? well, it is an open inquiry. The rationale of autoML works utilizing support learning and repetitive neural organization.

To begin with, RNN will propose an arbitrary arrangement of hyper-boundaries, for example, hubs per layer, layer check, and so forth then, at that point model will be working with such boundaries. We would then be able to utilize model exactness to remunerate/rebuff signal for the RL calculation that is then used to refresh the boundaries of RNN.

The whole interaction will compensate models with high precision and rebuff with low accuracy. In this cycle, we will discover precise models. Google autoML contributions endeavors to alter models and tune calculations with their exclusive data. Google began with AutoML vision later they are added Video and NLP. Customer will possess their own information.

For more understanding and deeper learning, you can refer to the Google Cloud AutoML Guide.

Importance of AutoML

The companies have a lot of data related to various fields. It is not possible to study all the data with human intelligence. There is a high need of a machine that helps companies to automate the data to predict the best possible solution. To meet the business needs, and to fulfill the companies requirements advancements are needed in the rapidly growing world. And as the world is growing, the data is also increasing.

Automated Machine Learning eases the work of a data scientist. It reduces the confusion in choosing the algorithm. As for different kinds of data, data scientists need to have different algorithms to solve complex problems. The algorithm that is chosen manually is not based on any actual experiences. These are only considered based on preconceptions, interpretation. AutoML provides us the best solution on the basis of its prediction and analysis.

Importance of AutoML

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Drawbacks of AutoML

Although, AutoML provides us the best solution, and has a lot of disadvantages also. It has been reported a lot of times, that AutoML has predicted substandard solutions. The solutions when implemented doesn't give effective results.

Considering it from a business perspective, companies have data that is dynamic, changes rapidly. But AutoML has not brought to that advancements yet, AutoML can work better in a static environment. 

When it comes to securing the data and the other information, AutoML also lacks there. The organizations are working on the security of AutoML, they are exploring privacy protection, auto multi-party machine learning, automatic federation, and many more.

Products of AutoML

There are various products of AutoML used for various purposes. 

  • Autosklearn
  • AutoWeka
  • MLBox
  • TPOT


I hope you liked the blog, and enjoyed studying AutoML. If you like the information provided, don't forget to share it with the people around you who are eager to know about AutoML. And also let us know in the comment section underneath, how do you like the article, and what more are you expecting to study?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does AutoML Do?

AutoML is an effective way to apply Machine Learning processes to the data. It increases efficiency, productivity, and reduces the time required to analyze a Machine Learning process.

Q2. How Effective Is AutoMl effective?

AutoML improves efficiency, it automates the task of a data scientist. With the help of AutoML, we can use human energy in the more complex issues, where machines cannot work, such as critical thinking, predicting features, understanding the project, and the limitations of the project. 

Q3. Who Created AutoML?

Google has created AutoML. A lot of processes were there, that were not able to handle, so google creates this Technology Automated Machine Learning.

Q4. Will AutoML takes the job of a Data Scientist?



The biggest question that is currently running in the minds of a lot of people is that AutoML will take the job of a data scientist. And a lot of rumors are also there which says that the need of data scientist will vanish in the upcoming years. But all these things are completely false. AutoML is here to help data scientists to increase their efficiency, not to reduce the number of jobs.

Let us take an illustration of a mathematician, just remember the original purpose of making computers. What was that?

Solving complex problems of mathematics. Isn't it? Now tell me, did computers took the job of a mathematician? The answer is NO. Computer helps us to solve the problem with more efficiency. In a similar way, AutoML is here to help data scientists, not to take their jobs. So all those people who are either data scientist, or wants to become a data scientist. Just relax and focus on your skills.

Q5. How can I learn AutoML?

There are a lot of free as well as paid courses to learn AutoML. But learning from the Experts makes a difference. So I recommend you to go for some expertise. Here I am recommending some course names. Do check out for these.

  • AutoML Vision Api Tutorial by Google Cloud
  • AutoML Natural Language API Tutorial by Google Cloud
  • Using AutoML to Predict Taxi Fares by Microsoft Azure
  • AutoML Tables Tutorial Notebook by Kaggle
  • AutoML Capabilities of H2o Library by Kaggle
  • AutoML with Auto-Keras by Datacamp

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