What is SD-WAN? Advantages of SD-WAN

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many consequences. Teleworking has been one of them. We have all suffered it to a greater or lesser extent, and almost all of us have seen how this new modality, where we wanted to turn each of our houses into a new “headquarters” for the company, had a certain complexity and some important drawbacks.

And it is that working sitting on a kitchen chair has not been the worst thing about teleworking.

The worst has more to do with:

  • That your videoconferences fell when your children put the Play online or watch TikToks.
  • Sacrifice the voice channel because your office landline was not accessible from home.
  • Unable to print from corporate applications.
  • Saturated VPNs.

Actually, these problems have a simple solution, it is called SD-WAN, and it allows us to remedy this type of situation by providing quality connectivity and, therefore, enabling all the company's resources in situations of indefinite teleworking from home.

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined - Wide Area Network and is a transformational approach to simplifying corporate “headquarters” or branch networks and ensuring optimal performance of applications that require quality business connections. Unlike traditional WANs, SD-WAN offers greater network agility and reduced costs.

The main functions that these types of solutions provide are:

  • Performance and reliability of connections.
  • Communication networks suitable (and secure) for the use of public clouds.
  • Ability to create virtual services that reduce infrastructure.
  • Automation and orchestration modules for the networks of the "headquarters" or subsidiaries.


Discover the benefits of VeloCloud SD-WAN through the NTS webinar

As it does not make much sense to have a face-to-face meeting due to the current situation, we wanted to send you a webinar that we have recorded where we explain what the main challenges of indefinite teleworking are and how SD-WAN solutions solve them.

So if you have 20 minutes, here you have some knowledge that, in addition to not taking up space, we think you will find it very interesting.

  • A new job, indefinite telecommuting: Should we treat the homes of each of our employees as a headquarters in terms of connectivity, security and monitoring?
  • The challenge of managing infinite "venues".
  • What is an SD-WAN solution?
  • Main functionalities and benefits of an SD-WAN solution.
  • VeloCloud as an SD-WAN solution
  • Deploying an SD-WAN solution


Advantages of SD-WAN

More and more data is being shared in the cloud and applications are running directly in this space. To cope with this increase in traffic, companies are looking for solutions that make a more efficient network. Increasing internet traffic forces companies to optimize the performance of their wan networks and the applications that run on them. Faced with this need, SD-WAN software - defined networks are taking over. They are networks that take advantage of the power of digitization to simplify their management and increase the speed of application execution.

The SD-WAN networks are becoming increasingly popular in organizations because they offer many advantages to respect.

An SD-WAN network provides agility

SD-WAN routers can combine the bandwidth of multiple wan connections. Organizations using SD-WAN can easily add or remove wan connections as needed. They can also combine mobile and landline connections.

Under an SD-WAN implementation, bandwidth can be easily added or reduced as requirements evolve. The technology also enables rapid deployment of wan services at a remote site without the need to dispatch it personnel to the site.

An SD-WAN network reduces costs

In general, internet links are much less expensive than carrier-grade MPLS connections, which are fraught with long provisioning times and expensive contracts.

SD-WAN technology also enables organizations to take advantage of all available computer network connections to their full capacity without worrying about keeping backup links down.

An SD-WAN network is more secure

The network defined by software SD-WAN can improve network security to encrypt wan traffic as it moves from one location to another and the segment the network so that a violation occurs, the damage is minimized.

The SD-WAN can also help it administrators detect attacks more quickly to provide continuous visibility of network traffic.

An SD-WAN network provides reliability

MPLS networks generally offer highly reliable packet delivery. Internet links, on the other hand, often fail.

To compensate for this, many organizations that move entirely to SD-WANs choose to request multiple internet links from different providers to maintain "four nines" (99.99 percent) availability in the event of a failure of the network. Link.

An SD-WAN network provides high performance

The SD-WAN technology uses the internet to create secure connections and high performance, eliminating penalties imposed by the MPLS backhaul networks. This enables SD-WANs to cost-effectively deliver business applications while optimizing software as a service (SaaS) and other cloud-based services.

The technology also improves it efficiency in branch offices by enabling automation and providing reliable and inexpensive links for IoT projects.

SD-WAN, an opportunity for today's companies

Implementing a software-defined network is key to benefiting from all the benefits it brings. Companies that are committed to this technology can take advantage of the various advantages it offers.

Organizations can benefit from a solution that brings agility to processes, reduces costs, improves security, offers reliability and provides high performance. All this to be able to adapt to the new challenges presented by the current digital landscape.

Field Engineer offers companies the best SD-WAN solution so that they can take advantage of all its advantages and be more competitive in a market as saturated as the current one.